Kylie Jenner’s Business Credit Score Higher Than President Trump

Nope that’s actually not a misprint at all! Kylie Jenner the Queen of  lip kits and Snapchat has a higher business credit score than President Donald J. Trump and she has only been in business for a year. While President Trump was seriously no competition to beat Kylie’s business credit score.

Kylie Jenner’s Business Credit Score

Which according to Kylie’s business credit score for Kylie Cosmetics score is an astounding 98/100, over forty points higher than the national average score of 56.8…. Much Respect to Kylie!!!

Kylie Cosmetics has a business credit score that is almost perfect! Her company has no derogatory information such as no tax liens, collections accounts, judgments, bankruptcies, or UCC filings. Vastly, different than President Trump.

Additionally, Kylie’s Cosmetics has no accounts reporting late payments.

Nav reports that as of Sept. 23, 2016, Trump Organization, Inc.’s business credit score is an 19 out of 100. This puts President Trump’s business credit even below the national average score by more than 30 points.

Revealing this indicates the Trump Organization “is very likely to default on its credit payments” and that “this will make it difficult to get financing.” It puts Trump’s Organization in a “medium-to-high risk” category! revealed key factors that are used to evaluate an entrepreneur’s credit application:

  • Credit History: How has the business owner managed previous credit?
  • Ability to Repay: Is the business profitable, and does it have positive cash flow?
  • Capital: Does the business owner have enough investment of personal capital in the business?
  • Collateral: Does the business owner have assets that can be used as collateral to secure a lender’s investment?
  • Business Experience: Does the business owner have extensive experience in the industry?

Business owners who better understand the factors used to determine creditworthiness can assure they’re working to develop a strong credit profile.

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