Copy This Shopify E-commerce Strategy That Really Works

Shopify is a robust platform to launch, start, and sustain particularly successful online businesses.

Especially, if you still searching for the ultimate e-commerce solutions to make passive income from anywhere and build a true business model through online revenue.

Having an online business gives you the freedom to control your own time. Your biggest asset is time and being able to do what you desire with it!

Shopify E-commerce Strategy

Shopify Ecommerce Strategy Entrepreneur Businesses

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The process is very simple because Shopify handles everything from marketing and payments, to secure checkout and shipping.

Shopify is not just only for online businesses. Through their POS (Point Of Sale) you will be able to securely accept Apple Pay, Android Pay, and credit card payments with the Shopify card reader.

Even credit card rates are as low as 2.4% + 0¢ with no hidden fees, no matter how much you sell. Process $100 and see $97.60 in your bank account.

The one major problem is that most online businesses don’t understand how-to develop their e-commerce strategy for extreme profitability.

If you want to build a very profitable Shopify business model, TODAY this is the blueprint that you should start following right now.

Then rinse and repeat building a diverse niche of profitable online businesses on Shopify’s platform.

Try Shopify free for 14 days. No risk, and no credit card required.

Shopify Ecommerce Strategy Entrepreneur Businesses 2

Shopify’s platform offers the ability to accept credit cards in-store, on the go, and everywhere in between means you can sell anywhere your customers are.

Don’t Make Dropshipping Your Shopify Business Model

Okay, this goes against everything all Internet gurus (maybe even also Shopify) tell you to do…for best ways to make money with Shopify.

What is Dropshipping?

It’s better described as a retail technique system. The process is controlled by an operator, this person or company controls the retail technique system.

The operator sells products and goods directly offered from an original provider. At no time does the operator hold or maintain any stock for the products or goods.

It’s the operator’s job to market and promote these goods and products. Generally, the operator will markup the merchandise much more than the retail value.

Relying on the original provider to handle all delivery and shipping. Human accessibility is not part of the Dropshipping retail technique system.

It might be worth mentioning that the majority of Dropshipping products and goods are purchased through AliExpress.

There are many entrepreneurs who proclaim Dropshipping is a goldmine business practice. With no doubt some of them are likely making money.

However, when it comes to sustainability, Dropshipping is not the best business model to bank on.

Successful entrepreneurs are often more humanly accessible to everyone, this is an advantage over a Dropshipping business model.

The retail technique system of Dropshipping is a robot like experience.

There are two common ways to make lots of money with Shopify;

1) Curating products produced by others.


2) Making your own products to sell on Shopify.

Yet, there is one Shopify e-commerce strategy that’s still not saturated!!

Do this and you will be profitable….

Build A Sustainable Shopify Business Model

Shopify Ecommerce Strategy Entrepreneur Businesses 3

Following this exact e-commerce strategy offers the perfect solution for building a very sustainable super profitable Shopify business model!

Wait, before this exact e-commerce strategy is revealed let’s breakdown why Shopify works for building future millionaires and billionaires.

Shopify solves how-to make e-commerce entrepreneurship accessible and affordable for all.

To be successful entrepreneurs must build a sustainable business practice.

Create Your OWN Brand To Sell On Shopify

Kylie Cosmetics

Photo credit Kylie Cosmetics

If you want to build the most sustainable and profitable Shopify business, start with building your own brand to sell on Shopify.

Start looking at the platform as a partnership…think differently and influence the masses.

While everyone else is focused on Dropshipping as a Shopify Business Model, you can build your own profitability inside the platform controlling your own brand loyalty.

Private label should be the exact e-commerce strategy to follow for building a sustainable Shopify profitable business.

Kylie Cosmetics and Shopify

Kylie Jenner Shopify

Kylie Jenner photo credit Shopify

Did you know that Kyle Jenner (aka part of the Kardashian – Jenner dynasty) even partnered with Shopify?

What you might not also know is that Kylie Jenner uses Seed Beauty as their manufacturing provider for Kylie Cosmetics.

This is how the Kylie Jenner and Shopify partnership started.

Seed Beauty operates as a product development and manufacturing company. That means you can work with them to create your own private label cosmetics. Even have them improve on your own formula ideas.

Working with Seed Beauty you can simplify developing your own brand to sell on Shopify!

This is from Seed Beauty’s website:

“SEED beauty combines 60 years of cosmetic industry expertise with a new world approach to speed and distribution. Under one roof we provide venture capital, brand incubation, product development, manufacturing and fulfillment. The only place in the world that can go from concept to consumer in 5 days.”

In 5 days! Wow…

The point is this, to build a successful Shopify business model you must become profitable and sustainable for it to happen.

No matter what products or goods you will offer using Shopify’s platform, you still need to build your own brand awareness.

Hurry, try Shopify free for 14 days. No risk, and no credit card required!!

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